Augmented Reality Gift Box

This year, our YMS elves have made augmented reality gift box decorations, for you to download than keep.

To bring your dancing Santa, Reindeer or Snowman to life, you will need a handheld internet enabled device, and the ZAPPAR app, which can be found here -

Need some instructions on how to assemble? Follow the pictures below and Build, Zap, Enjoy!

Cut out template
First of cut out the template
Make your folds
Fold along all of the edges
Make a box
Now all of the edges are folded, bring the box together with the lid of the box at the top. Glue the edges leaving the lid of the box open
Cut out the ZAPPAR
Cut out the image, this contains the ZAPPAR and will sit inside the box
Fold the edges
Fold the edges so the image can be attached to the box
Glue in the ZAPPAR
Glue the edges of the top of the box, and the ZAPPAR image
Attach the ZAPPAR image so it sits inside the top of the box
Let the box dry
When you are happy with your augmented reality gift box, allow the glue to dry
Bring your gift box to life
Once you have downloaded the free ZAPPAR app, using an internet enabled hand held device, hover your device over the ZAPPAR logo, and watch the character come to life!
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Make your folds

Fold along all of the edges