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Bringing your mascot to life!

Animation in Devon

This January we were delighted to get an inquiry from Kate the Head of Entertainment at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks in North Devon, as they needed animated content creating for the large L.E.D display screens around their four parks.

They needed a looping scene which captured the atmosphere and sights of the Woolacombe beach and costline, as well as animating their beach ball mascots Billy and Betty.

Having discussed the requirements we set to work, and re-designed their mascots as 2D characters and began the task of getting them to bounce in a fun and cartoon like way.

We needed to ensure that the figures were at the correct resolution for the size of the display screen which they would be projected onto, and the figures also needed to be supplied in a format so they could be overlaid over existing video footage.

Its the tiny details that make the difference in animation, something Daniel our Director learnt whilst studying for his MA in Computer Animation. The Animation processes all stem from the 12 Principles of Animation and we follow these principles of animation in all of our work. Watch the animation below and look out for things like secondary action, timing, squash and stretch!

'Its the tiny details that make the difference in animation'

We also completed a beach scene, that was to be used as a backdrop at the parks. The client supplied us with a list of visuals to include in the animated scene, to which we also added a couple of bonus animated details that the client really loved.

We animated different seaside imagery that you would expect to find on the beach and off of the Woolacombe Bay coastline, namely the plane, animated crabs and the branded flags on the sand castles. We even included the island of Lundy on the horizon!

Photo of the stage L.E.D at the Golden Coast park taken by D Willers 2017

'We are really happy with what YMS did for us'

We love animation at Yellow Mouse Studios, and get huge amounts of pleasure from meeting new clients and achieving their brief. It's also great to be part of a project that allows us to work with businesses based in the West Country, and sharing the skills that can be found locally.

It is also very exciting to see our work performing its designed function, whether that is on TV, in cinemas, on the web or as visual displays!

Photo of the stage L.E.D at the Golden Coast park taken by D Willers 2017

'The animations are making a difference'

We recently visited the client for a follow up meeting, and also to peek at our work on the large screens.

We asked if the animations were doing what was expected and Kate said 'that they really were making a difference'. They not only brighten up the stage areas, but also they are performing as a great back drop for the shows and children’s parties. She also said 'that the owners were really happy with what we did' and 'that she is really excited about working with us in the future'.

The meeting was extremely positive, with great feedback, and not just about the finished work, but also about our process and communication which is always pleasing to hear.

We also talked about future collaborations, which all sounds amazing for both parties!

' Excited about working with us again in the future.'

Kate Head of Entertainment at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks. Taken By D Willers 2017

We would like to thank Kate and everyone at Woolacombe Holiday Parks for showing us around and for choosing Yellow Mouse Studios for their animationn project.

We are really excited to have you as our clients, and we look forward to working with you again soon.

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